About to start the morning commute

I don’t have long to write, since I’m about to head off on my morning commute in about 30 minutes, but I just wanted to update with some small stuff and some photos. I’ve been kinda busy with trying to sort my life out in the new town. I still need some more furniture (carpet, tables, etc), but unfortunately we’re between seasons now, so it’s not a good idea to buy summer stuff, and it’s gonna be too early to get warm things for winter. Ah well.

Pon de Lion comes to work to join me

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Weekend Update

I suspect this speaks for itself, but it may not. Lots of bad stuff this weekend, but no sense in dwelling on that (co-worker drama! Yay!). All the same, I went out with some of my coworkers to go have a barbecue on the beach today. It was a lot of fun, and nice to get out of the house for a bit and to do something new. I question, of course, how sanitary beach cooking really is, but I seem to still have all my internal organs. At least so far. We (the . . . → Read More: Weekend Update

Some YouTube videos

{{popup 02-17-2011.jpg 02-17-2011 640×480}}Valentine’s Day

Well hey there.. so I don’t have much to say, but figured I’d include a nice picture for you to admire for Valentine’s Day, and also upload this week’s video that aired on TV. There have actually been 10 episodes that I’ve ‘starred’ in so far (each is up on Youtube), but since I took a bit of a hiatus on posting, I figured it’d be a bit much to throw them all up. But they are available if you click my ‘YouTube Videos’ link on the right side of this page.

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Admire my Christmas caaaaaake!

IMG_1850 (86k image)

{{popup IMG_1850.JPG IMG_1850 480×640}}My Christmas Cake
(And a YouTube link to see a full 360 view)

Here’s my Christmas cake! Made it with MCK (there’s a long story behind her that I won’t get into, but we’ll just say she used to be my student a year and a half ago), all by hand. It’s a 3-layer cake with coffee-flavored whipped cream between layers and normal whipped cream used for the icing (all hand-whipped, by the way, which takes a really long time). The house on the top came out decently, though the coffee whipped cream wasn’t whipped long enough so it wasn’t stiff enough to come out like I hoped. Otherwise, I’m ridiculously proud of my very first diorama cake. Especially the trees (which are just biscuit-sticks stabbed into the cake with green-colored whipped cream and a star-shaped tip).

And to think that people made fun of me for spending all of my developmental years watching Martha Stewart. Ha! Admire my cake skillzzzz.

Anyway, I’m kinda in the middle of writing my research proposal for grad school, so I need to finish that up and translate it into Japanese. Need to stop procrastinating. Also have to buy a new hard drive for my backups, since my other drive just died tonight (lame!!!).

But before that, we’ve got another video tour or my apartment (Christmas edition!), and more pictures for my daily random sketching. Those are all under “more..” at the bottom of this entry.

Work, work, work.. blah. Good luck!
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More cable TV adventures!

Well hey, kids! Guess who’s back on TV? As I mentioned, I’ll be appearing just ’bout weekly on tv on the local station, so I’ve uploaded the next 3 videos (not sure if I’m technically supposed to have the next 3 weeks worth of videos and if I should be putting them on the internet, but hey, ignore that).

Yay! Of course, seeing as I’m devoid of any sense of shame, I’m gonna make these as public and open as humanly possible. Why? It’s just cool (even if the lines and stories are.. lackluster at best, stupid at worst).

There are two more movies under “more..”. Be sure to check ’em out!
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I’m a (cable access) TV star!

Spent 4 hours in a cafe translating questions from a grad school entrance exam, prepping for this test. Assuming this is a sign of things to come, this is gonna rank up there with some of my less fun stretches of 2 months. So forgive me if I don’t make a lot of sense right now.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. Oh no. Oh no no no!

We’re here to talk about my television debut!! Sure, it’s a 5 minute TV program, and sure I only rock out for a whole 2 minutes (well, more like . . . → Read More: I’m a (cable access) TV star!

A JASON!!?!?! Yes, they live.

What’s it been? 6 months or so since I last wrote? Rest assured, this website/journal hasn’t been forgotten. Not by a long shot. In fact, I even paid for more webhosting, bought and moved the domain, and challenged charges related to it all the while doing absolutely nothing with it. To be honest, not a week went by when I didn’t think of something I wanted to post, be it a picture, video, or short missive on what’s been going on in my life.

“So,” the casual observer may ask, “why didn’t you write, you lazy bum?”

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Taco Bell sells WHAT?!

{{popup jason_hiroshima-52009.JPG jason_hiroshima-52009 640×480}}jason_hiroshima-52009

What’s that? You’re greeted not just with an awesome photo of me. Oh no.. but an awesome photo of me in front of the Atomic Dome in Hiroshima! Actually, I need to get around to replacing the opening photo (the one at the top) with this, but I figured until I get around with that, I’d upload it here because.. well.. I can.

Here in Japan, we have week-long holiday (at the beginning of May) called ‘Golden Week’. So, seeing as I was off the job and had some free time, I took a . . . → Read More: Taco Bell sells WHAT?!

Random screams in the night

I was up at about 1am last night, studying Japanese before I went to bed. While reading through some passages, I heard some loud noises outside that sounded like kids playing. It’s 1am, but I thought nothing of it. This is Japan.. I’ve seen children grocery shopping at midnight in Korea. I kept studying, but I kept hearing it, and the more I listened, the more it sounded like screaming. Someone screaming bloody murder, in fact. Even more to the point, it was a woman screaming “help me” (in Japanese).

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Spring updates

So.. I guess the most obvious thing is that I’ve updated the design and changed the title. I was going to opt for the FULL title of “Jason Juxtaposed in Japan” because of the awesomeness that it contains, but that’s far too long and sounds just a tad.. yeah. So I figured ‘Jason’ can be implied.

Why the change? Well, I felt the other one had been up for too long, and I wanted to show that some change has taken place in my life since coming to Japan (living abroad is a bit of a big step). So, . . . → Read More: Spring updates