Where’d my September go?!

Wow… September came and went without a peep from me. Now how’d that happen? I’m usually such a charming and talkative fellow (as you all know).

September was, if I were to summarize it into one word, busy. If I were to summarize it into one word emphatically, it was busy. If I were to… okay, you get the point. Since I can’t think of any good segues before I continue with a more interesting topic, let me throw some photos at you!

Better than Green Rice

First off, we’ve got some blue rice (and the delicious mabo dofu. . . . → Read More: Where’d my September go?!

Stupid Ghost Cat…

Because, for some strange reason, I hear a cat outside my apartment at night.. Even though I live on the third floor and we have a locked security door downstairs. Obviously, it’s a ghost cat. What else could it be?

I should go to bed (gotta wake up in 6 hours), but I’ll leave you with the Japanese version as well. Night!

About to start the morning commute

I don’t have long to write, since I’m about to head off on my morning commute in about 30 minutes, but I just wanted to update with some small stuff and some photos. I’ve been kinda busy with trying to sort my life out in the new town. I still need some more furniture (carpet, tables, etc), but unfortunately we’re between seasons now, so it’s not a good idea to buy summer stuff, and it’s gonna be too early to get warm things for winter. Ah well.

Pon de Lion comes to work to join me

First off, . . . → Read More: About to start the morning commute

Just got off work!

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, I’ve been really busy lately and wasn’t really quite sure where to pick up and what to write about, since so much is happening day to day. I eventually got moved into my apartment and all the deliveries came in. It took 4-5 days and some last minute amazon purchases to get it all in order, but my apartment is finally livable. I still keep remembering things I’m missing every day bit by bit (had to mail out some bills on Monday, but no tape to seal the envelopes), but the basics . . . → Read More: Just got off work!

Running errands

Wow.. Busy, busy, busy. At least during business hours. I’ve been spending the last few days preparing for my life in Tokyo, which goes down to the small details (adjusting my sleeping schedule to be up and active at 5am) to the larger ones, like buying beds. Yesterday, I had to update my address with five places, and another two today. The are still some other places I need to notify about my change in address (mostly video rental shops and the like), but I can do those all on an as-needed basis.

When you live in Japan and . . . → Read More: Running errands

Got my apartment!

How do you spend $5,714.86 in one day and have nothing to show for it? You rent an apartment in Tokyo and furnish it, that’s how! The sad part is that I’m not even done shopping for my apartment, and I still need to ship my boxes from Yamaguchi (they’re at a friend’s house right now, and I need to arrange pick up and CoD shipping; should take a week or so). All the same, we’re still gonna come quite a bit under budget. I just need a bed and tv stand now, along with small things like cups . . . → Read More: Got my apartment!

An update comes!

It’s been almost exactly 2 weeks since I wrote last time, as the observant among you have probably noticed.and by ‘among’, I mean the 3 of you who actually read this. But hey, let’s not dwell, huh?

Anyway, moving on, the reason why I haven’t written recently is mostly due to being incredibly busy, and i just haven’t really had the time nor been able to find the right words to make sense of what I’ve been running around doing. We last left off with me going to a job interview in Tokyo and writing from Burger King as . . . → Read More: An update comes!

And now we wait

And now it’s a waiting game. Got the interview out of the way, and it seems to have gone pretty well. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to know. Alas, my final employment will be decided on next Monday, and I’ll be handing in my letter of resignation. The only question is where I’ll be working in the next 3 weeks.

Again, I’ve got to be really vague right now, but I can firmly say that at least it’ll all be figured out by Monday.

Wish me luck.

Waxings from a train

Well, looks like I’m back on a train in a suit and tie and getting ready to try to wow the world. Been some interesting changes in life going around me, but I’ll talk about that next week! And speaking of next week, I’ll officially be handing in my notice to leave my job next Monday. This is a decision I’ve reached only after a lot of thought, and I really am sad to leave what has become my “home” for the past three years, but it’s something that I need to do (both personally and professionally).

The saddest . . . → Read More: Waxings from a train

Some advice

So, got into the final interview process for another job. Have to take some time off of work next week and will be running about in a suit for a few days. I handed my suit in for dry cleaning today and realized that this is the first time I’ve ever had to use a dry cleaning service. In Japan. Huh.. Weird life we live.

Unfortunately, I still can’t discuss any actual details in these positions, but I’m starting to believe that I won’t be living here in the next month. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories for you . . . → Read More: Some advice