Let the 13th day be a Fri…

When your name is Jason, this is going to be a near constant refrain throughout your life. Everyone thinks they’re the first person to notice, and they’re sure to remind you of the hilarity that your name is Jason and that it’s Friday… the thirteenth. Get it???

Oh, it never stops being hilarious. Trust me.

Anyway, haven’t written much lately since I’ve been busy with work. Like.. Really busy. In my free time, I’ve started a translation project, which I’ll talk about soon (once it officially gets off the ground). Right now.. I’ve gotta run . . . → Read More: Let the 13th day be a Fri…

Stupid Ghost Cat…

Because, for some strange reason, I hear a cat outside my apartment at night.. Even though I live on the third floor and we have a locked security door downstairs. Obviously, it’s a ghost cat. What else could it be?

I should go to bed (gotta wake up in 6 hours), but I’ll leave you with the Japanese version as well. Night!

Yama what?

This is what comes about when I try to explain to people where I spent the last three years of my life. It’s not like I was way out in the country, but it’s certainly not one of the more famous parts of the country. Yamaguchi is one of those places I compare to Nebraska in America: everyone’s heard of it, but you’re hard pressed to think of anything that happens there, to say nothing of a reason to go to there. No offense to anyone who lives in Nebraska, of course…

..but you really should think . . . → Read More: Yama what?

Lessons learned (or not)






The lesson for today, kids, is that you should not run downhill in business attire. Dress shoes are not the best for traction and don’t quite lace up properly to keep your feet in ’em like they should. I was trying to catch my train (which is kinda stupid, since the train comes every two minutes and I arrive at my office 30 minutes early everyday anyway.. But nevermind that) when suddenly I tripped. It wasn’t one of those catastrophic trips, though. It was the one where you keep running but you know that you’ve lost balance and it’s only a matter of time until you crash. Into the asphalt. On a hill. Yep, today was one of those days. I scraped up the palms of my hands pretty good, but other than a few cuts, I actually made it out okay. Despite landing directly on my iPod, it survived too. Fortunately, I threw every limb I had between me and the ground, so my charming good looks are still intact – no need to worry there.

Proving that I don’t learn lessons very well, I dragged myself off the ground, grabbed my bag, and continued the mad dash toward the station (much to the horror of the housewife who was getting off her bike to help.. I suppose it looked pretty bad to crash and slide).

Hey, “Whatever doesn’t kill you…”, right? I should start learning lessons one of these days.. Eventually it might actually start killing me.

Ah well!

Anyway, all’s generally well with me. Was gonna go to the bank today, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Work keeps piling up, but at least I’ll be taking a short vacation in two weeks!

Back to the office! Later!


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Fishing in a cup of cocoa from a marshmallow?

Of course!

There’s really nothing to say that can explain this picture. I was just watching tv and felt like drawing this. I like the sense of focus given with the blurry background. Will have to try more with that later.

Anyway, all’s going all right with me. Just going through all sorts of drama with getting a prepaid cell phone for my sister, and work’s getting busy since people want to get their projects and case filed before the end of the year. Busy, busy, busy.

And yet, still enough time to be egotistical and draw . . . → Read More: Fishing in a cup of cocoa from a marshmallow?

You will like Christmas… Whether you like it or not.

I like Christmas.. And so will you. Whether you want to or not.

Right now I have my collection of 76 Christmas movies playing on shuffle while I bake Christmas cookies. Not a bad day at all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

That turkey looks delicious…

What time of the month is it? Time for Jason! to post another stupid picture, of course! Which I also know happens to be the one thing that makes your season complete. No need to be shy; I know how you feel.

So, what else has been up lately? Not a whole lot, actually. Just getting used to my life here in Tokyo and as a 9-5 desk jockey. I’m enjoying my life here and how things are going, though it is a bit lonely. I do have some friends here, so it’s not . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

On my lunch break

Yep, this is what I do on my lunch breaks. One of these days, the “substituting sleep for coffee” thing is gonna come back to haunt me, I’m sure. But in the mean time, it’s like a low-interest loan, with future Jason as collateral. HA! Take that, future me. I want another frozen espresso.

The only question is: chocolate or caramel?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I’ll post something more substantial in the next few days, just wanted to throw this up now that I finished it. Later!