Really, Microsoft?

You often hear about silly misspelled words or phrases in other countries across the internet. Living in Japan, obviously I hear (and see) a lot of examples related to Japan and the use of English in Japan.. but this one caught me by surprise today.

Windows Live

I should mention that I’m using a normal laptop I bought here in Japan. Windows 7, Japanese, no changes. I bought it back in March, actually. And so when I saw this today, I was.. well.. surprised.

Really, Microsoft?

You know that guy?

You know that guy in the office? The one who’s ridiculously cheerful and doesn’t seem to know that he’s actually at, well, work? Tries to high five everyone and answers every question with “Absolutely!”? We’ve all dealt with that person and have had those moments where we wonder if that office worker is a little bit special. There are those Monday mornings where we’re still nursing our coffees and wishing it weren’t Monday when all of a sudden, that ray of sunshine comes blasting in, just a little too bright for our liking. Well, I’m that guy. And today, I bring you:


of the Cheerful Office Guy

Read on for an inside look into the life of the guy who starts every day with a little-too-charming G’mornin’!

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Can’t e-mail

Just a quick post: Seems people are finding my journal while searching for help on e-mailing So, I figured I’d try to offer some help:

Docomo is a cellular phone company and therefore all e-mails to those addresses go directly to people’s phones. I use docomo (ドコモ) and had this issue as well. Since spam is a big problem (especially when it goes straight to your phone), all cellular phone providers in Japan allow you to block PC-based e-mail (in fact, it’s the default on most). If your e-mail isn’t coming from a standard cell phone provider, your . . . → Read More: Can’t e-mail

On my lunch break

Yep, this is what I do on my lunch breaks. One of these days, the “substituting sleep for coffee” thing is gonna come back to haunt me, I’m sure. But in the mean time, it’s like a low-interest loan, with future Jason as collateral. HA! Take that, future me. I want another frozen espresso.

The only question is: chocolate or caramel?

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I’ll post something more substantial in the next few days, just wanted to throw this up now that I finished it. Later!

Wow.. ぎりぎりセーフ!

Grillin' Action Shot

Title: “Barely safe!”

Anyway, turns out my domain expires on June 10th! I thought my e-mail was auto-checking this kind of stuff, but it turns out one of my accounts has failed to bring all my e-mail together like it said it was, and I happened to log into my hotmail account on a whim. Right there is a notice saying my domain ( will expire in 3 days. Well, thank god for small favors, huh? I’ve had this domain for 10 years, I’d kinda hate to lose it.

Anyway, got that out of . . . → Read More: Wow.. ぎりぎりセーフ!

Weekend Update

I suspect this speaks for itself, but it may not. Lots of bad stuff this weekend, but no sense in dwelling on that (co-worker drama! Yay!). All the same, I went out with some of my coworkers to go have a barbecue on the beach today. It was a lot of fun, and nice to get out of the house for a bit and to do something new. I question, of course, how sanitary beach cooking really is, but I seem to still have all my internal organs. At least so far. We (the . . . → Read More: Weekend Update