Out with the old and in with the new! – Jason!, 2013 edition

Wow.. how long has it been since I’ve written something? Anything? In all honesty, not long at all (if you follow the twitter posts on the right or any of my ramblings on Facebook or mixi, you’d see that I ramble pointless quite often, actually… typically throughout the day). But for all intents and purposes, yes, I’ve been missing for awhile. I could check the date of my last post right now, if I wanted to, but I don’t think I really want to know.

So anyway, yeah, “been busy, etc., etc.” and all that. You’ve heard it basically every time, . . . → Read More: Out with the old and in with the new! – Jason!, 2013 edition

Everyone needs a line of hair care products…

Everyone needs their own line of beauty products…

How is it that I never knew that I had my very own line of beauty products? And why is it that I’m not getting any money from them using my name? They can’t possibly be referring to any other Jason (I’m gonna tell you right now, there’s not a single person named Jason who isn’t weird…) nor can this be anything but an homage to me.

Or at least that’s what I like to pretend. I just ran across this today in a store near where I work and had to . . . → Read More: Everyone needs a line of hair care products…

A brief message to say…

That I’m making cookies.. because I can! There’s something about living in Japan that makes me miss home made, American-style cookies. The cookies they sell (and make) here are so.. bland? Probably healthier, as they lack much of the sugar, but no one eats cookies for their health. Not like anyone cares, but I think the big difference is the lack of brown sugar being used in their cookie recipes. The taste is just… off.

Makin’ Cookies

So, instead of studying kanji (which I really should be doing, as I have a test on Sunday), I made cookies! And . . . → Read More: A brief message to say…

From Kyoto to Tokyo!

How was Kyoto? Well, despite swearing to all that is holy that I would never return to that city so long as I breathe, I had a good time! It’s nothing personal, you see. It just takes very little for me to swear to never do something ever again.

So anyway, yep, had a good time! We only had about 9 hours, so we just went to a few temples that look kinda like this:

Tenryuji Temple

And shrines that looked like this:

Kurumazaki Shrine

And heard important explanations that I obviously wasn’t paying attention to from . . . → Read More: From Kyoto to Tokyo!

An end to the magic

Well, the Gilded Week has now come to an end, and we get to all go back to our normal lives bright and early tomorrow morning. We also had Cinco de Mayo thrown in for good measure, which reminded me that I really need to make Mexican food again sometime soon (like the awesome party I threw last year with some of my coworkers at the time.. need to find people in the area who have also love tacos.)

So, how’d it go? Well, as I’m pretty sure you all already know, I’m just not terribly exciting. Especially when . . . → Read More: An end to the magic

Stupid Ghost Cat…

Because, for some strange reason, I hear a cat outside my apartment at night.. Even though I live on the third floor and we have a locked security door downstairs. Obviously, it’s a ghost cat. What else could it be?

I should go to bed (gotta wake up in 6 hours), but I’ll leave you with the Japanese version as well. Night!

A different kind of sushi roll..

You know those times where it’s a horrible week and nothing’s going right… and it’s only Tuesday? Yep. Been one of those weeks. So I did what any other self-respecting 26 year old man would do:

I made candy!

Don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming. You should know Jason! well enough to know that’s where he’s gonna take it.

I believe I mentioned it last week and briefly outlined my plan. I was going to put off my candy sushi-roll until next weekend, but I kinda needed something to keep me busy for the evening and pick . . . → Read More: A different kind of sushi roll..

A pound of sugar, tablespoon of milk, and a cup of awesome.

I know what you’re thinking: Jason lives in the most populous city on earth, has no one to support, and no outstanding debt. He must lead a pretty awesome life and have exciting weekends, right?

Well, you’d be absolutely correct. I bring you..

Hamburger Cookies

A hamburger AND a cookie

Yep, I had to think of something to do to occupy my free time, so I decided to make some hamburger-inspired cookies. We had [censored] yesterday, so someone had to go into the office to [censored] for [censored]. Naturally, I volunteered. So part of my weekend of awesomeness . . . → Read More: A pound of sugar, tablespoon of milk, and a cup of awesome.

Saturday Night (Fever?)

I know I’ve said it quite a few times and you probably don’t really care to hear it again, but it’s been a really long 3 weeks. Nothing terribly exciting or worth talking about, but just a lot of extended shifts and holiday coverage (you silly state-side Americans, taking President’s Day off). Saturday has finally rolled around and I’m.. Well.. Drinking coffee at home while reading up on Microsoft Excel functions and studying kanji. I plan to take a kanji proficiency test later this year (the test is in June), so I’ve been working on studying for that in . . . → Read More: Saturday Night (Fever?)

Lessons learned (or not)






The lesson for today, kids, is that you should not run downhill in business attire. Dress shoes are not the best for traction and don’t quite lace up properly to keep your feet in ’em like they should. I was trying to catch my train (which is kinda stupid, since the train comes every two minutes and I arrive at my office 30 minutes early everyday anyway.. But nevermind that) when suddenly I tripped. It wasn’t one of those catastrophic trips, though. It was the one where you keep running but you know that you’ve lost balance and it’s only a matter of time until you crash. Into the asphalt. On a hill. Yep, today was one of those days. I scraped up the palms of my hands pretty good, but other than a few cuts, I actually made it out okay. Despite landing directly on my iPod, it survived too. Fortunately, I threw every limb I had between me and the ground, so my charming good looks are still intact – no need to worry there.

Proving that I don’t learn lessons very well, I dragged myself off the ground, grabbed my bag, and continued the mad dash toward the station (much to the horror of the housewife who was getting off her bike to help.. I suppose it looked pretty bad to crash and slide).

Hey, “Whatever doesn’t kill you…”, right? I should start learning lessons one of these days.. Eventually it might actually start killing me.

Ah well!

Anyway, all’s generally well with me. Was gonna go to the bank today, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Work keeps piling up, but at least I’ll be taking a short vacation in two weeks!

Back to the office! Later!


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