Why doesn’t April have 31 days?

I’m telling ya, April, you really need one more day. I’m not asking for a miracle here, or for the world to move. No, I’m just asking for an extra day. Why, you find yourself asking? Because Baskin Robbins is 31% off on that day.

Your laziness disappoints me, April. Think about that when it comes time to renew your contract.

In more real or worthwhile news, I got my little ‘problem’ settled, so it looks like no one is going to be eating my brain any time soon. We also managed to settle the problem without a lot . . . → Read More: Why doesn’t April have 31 days?


“Other than me, there’s no one else in this world that will love you, Jason.”

Now, tell me a good reply to that. Seriously. How can one possibly reply to that without a look of horror on your face? It sounds akin to something you say before you kill someone in their sleep. Note that I’ve already made it abundantly clear that we are not dating. Period. Wait, no. Exclamation mark.

The funny thing is that I went through a nearly identical situation last year. Go me, and my inability to learn lessons! I’m awesome. I think we’re just . . . → Read More:

Please save me..

Got everything together Saturday night. Had a nice, logical, well-laid-out explanation about how things “are just complicated and can’t really work between us” but that “I think it’s much better if we just keep it as friends.” In anyone else’s life, we’d be all set. Either she’d start crying and say she hates me, or understand and we’d both move on our way.

Dear god. If only Jason’s life could work out that way, how happy we’d all be.

She told me she understood, and that the situation is awkward and even she had to admit that her feelings . . . → Read More: Please save me..

No one can turn down cheap ice cream

So, I was supposed to go out to a recording studio today to cut some audio for a standardized junior high school test. Woke up early, got ready, and drove the hour or so to the recording studio. Get there, sit around with my coworker, notice no one’s there, call my boss, find out that she kinda forgot to make the arrangements.

Some days I love my job. Others, not so much. Though the really sad part is that this type of stuff doesn’t even phase me any more. I just got back in my car, drove home, came . . . → Read More: No one can turn down cheap ice cream

Classes cancelled!

Still haven’t been killed by cultists yet (which is sadly an achievement for me), though I have to say that having people put their hands on your head and chanting is an experience I’d rather avoid in the future. thank god it was in Japanese, at least, so I know what’s being said.

Ah well.

I was supposed to drive to another city this morning to go teach a 2 hour private lesson, so I woke up early, got everything ready to make handouts, got dressed and had my bags ready when suddenly my phone rings and my boss . . . → Read More: Classes cancelled!

Update and stuff

For anyone interested in the nitty gritty of how dysfunctional my life gets, I figured I’d give a brief update on how the conversation went.

It turns out both guesses were right. She wanted a vague assurance that this could one day lead to marriage, and if it were to lead to marriage, I must become a card carrying member of her church.


Not just no, but hell no.

Alas, I said it in a slightly softer way. And my soft way sounds suspiciously a lot like “yes” to the untrained ear, but rest assured, I will be . . . → Read More: Update and stuff

Boring is the new interesting

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them, but my greatest hope for life is to finally have a boring life. More than anything, I’d like to have my life so settled and simple that I can easily tell you what I’ll be doing tomorrow and for the week after that. But this falls in the same category of “unbelievable but totally true facts about Jason” as the whole silly that I’m actually quite shy and keep to myself. Just because I spend all day every day aggressively high fiving literally hundreds of students and making myself the . . . → Read More: Boring is the new interesting

Not deeeeeeeeead!

So hey there! Sorry I haven’t written lately, especially considering the events going on in Japan. The thing is that I’ve been really busy (though surprisingly it has nothing to do with the earthquakes), so haven’t been writing too much, and I’ve been using the PC less so I can watch more Japanese tv in the interest of improving my Japanese skills.

I’ll write again in another day or so, but just wanted to post this informative picture on where I am and where danger is. I’m really, totally, and absolutely okay. Thanks to everyone who was worried . . . → Read More: Not deeeeeeeeead!

Jason: Not a party guy

Have I ever mentioned that I’m not much of a party guy? Like, even remotely? I’m sure it’s probably pretty evident.. And in fact, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it hundreds if times. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the invite, it’s just that I don’t want to go. And there’s no way of saying that without sounding mildly insane.

“Oh, you’re good people. I just don’t want to be around you guys. I get tired having to be the cheerful, life of the party all the time.”

Or, more to the point: “I get paid to talk to people . . . → Read More: Jason: Not a party guy

Lessons Learned

So what did we learn last night, kids? Well, we learned that giving your phone number to strangers s a good idea. I finally did confirm the identity of the person who approached me last week as the person who tried recruiting me for the Jehovah’s Witnesses and, in my endless brilliance, figured that clearly the best thing to do was go out to dinner.

I mean.. Why not?

My reasoning for going out to meet someone I don’t really know for a situation that will probably end badly was quite simple: I had nothing better to do on . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned