Let’s Read Jason!’s (junk) Mail – Wednesday/Thursday

Yes, even I have a hard time rambling about the junk that ends up in my mailbox. Forgive me; yesterday was not a good day for junk (I was also busy, but let’s not dwell on that). Today was a long day at the office (wound up starting early and didn’t get away from my desk all day; I was fortunate enough to have some corn soup in a can for lunch while continuing to type away), but that’s not to say it’s a bad day. Just busy.

In other news, I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I’ve started looking into learning Chinese this year. I’ve tracked down some schools to get licensed as a translator (those courses will start–like all schools in Asia–in April) and found two different Japanese tests to take this year, but I’ve always wanted to learn know 3 languages. As weird and pointless as it may be, I’ve always felt it was a personal goal of mine to be trilingual (polyglot, for those of you who care about the technical word for it). I don’t plan to stop with Japanese–as I mentioned, I have 1-2 tests lined up this year and will be taking a translator training course in Japanese–but I would try something new while I still have loads of free time. Besides, if I learn Chinese in Japanese, I’ll either kill two birds with one stone, or myself in the process.

This weekend? Going to volunteer to teach English in Tokyo (there’s an English conversation group that meets twice a month) and renew my driver’s license. Fun all around!

Right now? Well…

Let’s Read Jason!’s (junk) Mail

Wednesday + Thursday Edition

For what Wednesday and Thursday lacked in quantity and ‘wow’ factor, Friday more than makes up for it in variety. But we’ll take a look at that later. Right now we’ve got…

What meanings has you?!?!

If I were to bring up every random, non-sensical English phrase I’ve seen in my travels through Asia and my time as an ALT English teacher, I wouldn’t have time for a job. It’s gotten a point where you forget what is Japanese-English and what is real English. You probably have noticed that I refer to myself frequently as a ‘salary man’, which is the Japanese equivalent of a ‘businessman’ (but more vague). The female equivalent is ‘office lady’ (or OL). Occasionally I come across a beauty like this and am just at a loss as to what they were hoping for. This was an advertisement for a realtor (apartments and houses). I really wish I could live in a ground of culture and urban function…

No one wants a monochrome house

Here, we’ve got another flyer trying to sell me on their services to clean up the junk in my house. As you’ve probably figured out at this point, buying new (tiny) houses and throwing out the junk in your current (tiny) house are big businesses.  Almost as big as…..

Beauty Salons! ‘Cause nothing that stop the the juggernaut that is the エステ (esute) industry. No matter where you go or what you do, you will most assuredly run into a place that will offer to remove hair from your body, suck fat out of you, or–and who can resist–put collagen on your face. Last I checked, this was something that existed in our connective tissue (like your nose) and was what you boiled to make gelatin. But apparently I’m crazy. No, you should put it all over your face so you can look young and beautiful! I don’t know about you, but I can put yoghurt on my face by myself at home. For free, at that!

I. Must. Go!

Last (but not least), we have a flyer that comes in my mail box once a month to let me know all the upcoming events in my ward. Y’know, festivals, concerts, local businesses that are opening, etc. I’ve always found things like these helpful, especially when I was teaching English back in Yamaguchi, and it’s always nice to see what’s going on near me. They had a lot of concerts advertised, but this one is my favorite. Apparently it’s a quartet from Finland who specialize in the harmonica. They’ll be playing some famous songs from recent smash hits in Japan. I don’t mean to be negative, but I don’t imagine this concert will be selling out any time soon.

I hope you enjoyed yet another trip through my mail box. Just one more day tomorrow, so let’s hope for something exciting!

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