You know that guy?

You know that guy in the office? The one who’s ridiculously cheerful and doesn’t seem to know that he’s actually at, well, work? Tries to high five everyone and answers every question with “Absolutely!”? We’ve all dealt with that person and have had those moments where we wonder if that office worker is a little bit special. There are those Monday mornings where we’re still nursing our coffees and wishing it weren’t Monday when all of a sudden, that ray of sunshine comes blasting in, just a little too bright for our liking. Well, I’m that guy. And today, I bring you:


of the Cheerful Office Guy

Read on for an inside look into the life of the guy who starts every day with a little-too-charming G’mornin’!

It’s not so much that I love work (though I certainly don’t mind it) or that I really am outrageously cheerful. In fact, for anyone who’s known me for a considerable amount of time, you’d know that I’m not quite what one would consider¬†an optimistic or even positive person. I’ve frequently described my outlook as two-thirds empty. So why is it that I make my rounds every morning to say hello and inquire about everyone’s well being? Why do I fill my e-mails with exclamation marks?

Well, it may have been because I spent 1 year of my life at an ESL school in America working in IT (where your primary means of communication is through gestures and expressions) followed by 3+ years as an English teacher where most of my classes were with kindergarten and elementary school kids. You eventually learn that if you’re diving across the room and waving your arms like a maniac, no one’s paying attention. If you’re not smiling, you should be. Part of being successful as a teacher (or, frankly, at any job) is learning to separate your sense of self from what you really want or feel.

That brings us to now, and the fact that I spend my days in a quiet and sedate office, where no children are staring at me and no one needs to learn any ABCs. Why keep it up? ¬†My boss asked me this the other day, why I’m so ridiculously cheerful, even when coming in at 7:30 in the morning. Well, it’s quite simple and all boils down to something I was told by my grandfather at a very young age:

You can wake up in the morning and say that today’s going to be a bad day, and you know what? It will be. Or you can drag yourself out of bed and decide that it’ll be a good day, and maybe something positive will turn out.

And you know.. it really does work. Sure, I probably annoy a great many people. Certainly, most people (rightly) assume I’ve consumed way too much coffee throughout the day. But if for no other reason, it at least builds a positive relationship with people.

Besides.. I’d rather be The Cheerful Office Guy rather than The Sandwich Snatcher. He’s gonna get killed one of these days.

And now for something completely unrelated…

How people find me...

There are some pretty creative people…

What’s this here? Well, according to the stats for my journal, these are some of the terms people type into Google (and Bing.. sometimes) that lead them here. I can’t help but wonder what these people really were looking for before clicking on my journal. “G-aaaah jason”? That one could very well be me. “My lunch in japan”… well, why are you searching for your own lunch in Japan? I think you should know what it looks like. I’m sorry to disappoint you, kind sir.

3 comments to You know that guy?

  • Ron Muell

    I’m VERY glad that the “cheerful guy” in your office had the good sense in his youth to listen to his GRANDFATHER!!

  • kat

    lol–i’m picturing this cheerful guy bouncing into a tired dreary office full of tired weary people and i just started laughing really loud in the school’s teacher office. luckily it’s friday afternoon and many of the teachers left early because it’s home visit week but still…i’m sure people are wondering about me now ; p

  • Grandma Meridee

    Back again, still enjoying your blog and amazing sense of humor and creativity!

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