Let the 13th day be a Fri…


When your name is Jason, this is going to be a near constant refrain throughout your life. Everyone thinks they’re the first person to notice, and they’re sure to remind you of the hilarity that your name is Jason and that it’s Friday… the thirteenth. Get it???

Oh, it never stops being hilarious. Trust me.

Anyway, haven’t written much lately since I’ve been busy with work. Like.. Really busy. In my free time, I’ve started a translation project, which I’ll talk about soon (once it officially gets off the ground). Right now.. I’ve gotta run again!

1 comment to Let the 13th day be a Fri…

  • haha, never would’ve thought of the Jason/Fri 13 joke on my own.

    But next time I see you, and the date comes up… bwaha

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