A brief message to say…

That I’m making cookies.. because I can! There’s something about living in Japan that makes me miss home made, American-style cookies. The cookies they sell (and make) here are so.. bland? Probably healthier, as they lack much of the sugar, but no one eats cookies for their health. Not like anyone cares, but I think the big difference is the lack of brown sugar being used in their cookie recipes. The taste is just… off.

Makin' Cookies

Makin’ Cookies

So, instead of studying kanji (which I really should be doing, as I have a test on Sunday), I made cookies! And then I drew a picture with chocolate! I’m not really sure why I did the last part, but let’s not dwell.

Some good men were lost...

Some good men were lost…

Unfortunately, not all was well in the cooking process, and we lost some good men.. but sacrifices had to be made. Thanks, Marcus, for taking one for the team. You will be remembered.

Not to be busy with only making cookies, I also made jack o lantern rice krispie.. ball.. things for Halloween. ‘Cause I’m seasonal! I was going to make other things, but.. you know, the whole studying and work thing keeps me busy.

I just wanted to post something really quick to.. well.. talk about making cookies. But I’ll be back for some more random stuff after my test, so.. yeah!

And with that, I leave you with photos of Halloween goodness.

A face even a mother couldn't love...

A face even a mother couldn’t love…

2 comments to A brief message to say…

  • Dad

    You are such a creative dude…and cracked me up “some good men were lost” love the egg pic…

    Love You Jason!!!


  • Megu

    Wow! Jack-O-Lanterns!!! Those are nice and interesting!
    I also think surely that Japanese cookies aren’t sweeter than in the US cookies.
    Did you get used to “The cookie which is not sweet”?


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