Everyone needs a line of hair care products…


Everyone needs their own line of beauty products…

How is it that I never knew that I had my very own line of beauty products? And why is it that I’m not getting any money from them using my name? They can’t possibly be referring to any other Jason (I’m gonna tell you right now, there’s not a single person named Jason who isn’t weird…) nor can this be anything but an homage to me.

Or at least that’s what I like to pretend. I just ran across this today in a store near where I work and had to take a picture of it. Because, you know, it’s not every day that you see some shampoo and conditioner bottles with your name on it. If I was truly egotistical enough I’d actually buy and use them, but seeing as they cost ~1,900 JPY (~$24), I think I’ll just buy a black permanent marker and write my name on my shampoo for free.

Yep, I just talked for two paragraphs about shampoo with my name on it. Don’t think about it too much.

Other than that, not a whole lot’s been going on (outside of my usual conversation about being busy at work). I also don’t have any awesome cakes, cookies, or cupcakes to share with you this time, but I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to make something sometime soon, what with Christmas coming up. Halloween came and went much faster than I feel like it should have, and it seems like we’re already speeding towards the end of the year. I like the end of the year (quite a bit more than the other 9 months of the year) with the 3 straight months of rather “festive” holidays and all and the more relaxed Fall/Winter months, but it seems like it all comes (and goes) by way too fast.

I suppose that all comes with getting older, of course. When you’re 10 years old, one season makes up 2.5% of your entire life. When you’re 26, that same season accounts for a paltry 0.9%. The more new and novel a memory is, the more impact it has on you and, therefore, the stronger the memory is in your mind. Considering how many Halloweens, Thanksgivings, and Christmases I’ve lived through, I imagine it’s only natural for time to feel like it “flies by” (regardless of the level of fun one is having).

But now I’m rambling about random stuff! Outside of holidays coming and going, I went out to have lunch with a friend of mine today, who I’ve known for the past 7 years.  We’ve been penpals since 2005 and we met when I went to Japan that summer. From there, despite coming to Japan again and living here for a few years, we didn’t meet again until 2011 when I moved to Tokyo. Ever since then, though, we meet up for lunch every month and touch bases. She’s going to have her first child in the next month or so, so we pretty much spent the afternoon talking about life changing and all that. A lot definitely has changed since I was that 19 year old kid who came to Japan as a volunteer English teacher.

I know there’s something to be said about the joy of youth, and a lot of people talk about how they’d love to go back to when they were younger, but I honestly would never want to go back to that time. Sure, there are the “dreams” and “potential” that you have ahead of you, but there’s also a whole world of uncertainty that goes along with it. For all the excitement you have when you’re young and foolish, I greatly prefer the sense of security and control you get once you become the master of your own destiny.

Or.. well.. the illusion of being the master of your own destiny, at least. Let’s not get too foolish here.

Coming up in the near future? I finally took some time off from work (a whole three days) and will be heading out to Osaka for a few days. My BFF (Best-er-est Friend Forever) from Yamaguchi lives in Osaka now, so I’m basically going all the way out there to hang out and have lunch. I’ll also be meeting up with some ex-students. I’ll throw up some pictures if anything notable happens.

And.. that basically catches us up! I need to get ready for tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll be back relatively soon with more rambling/stories of the misadventures of my daily life. Until then, enjoy my shampoo!

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  • Grandma Meridee

    Absolutely happy to talk with you today! I went back to the beginning of this blog archive (sometime in November, 2011) and read it all up to this Nov. 11, 2012, entry. I enjoyed every word, especially appreciating your baking adventures. Who else would have invented candy norimaki?

    Reading your blog will become a new habit for me, especially since I now have an iPad that I take with me wherever I go.

    Love to you and best wishes for your continued adventures!

    Obaasan Meridee

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