Out with the old and in with the new! – Jason!, 2013 edition

Wow.. how long has it been since I’ve written something? Anything? In all honesty, not long at all (if you follow the twitter posts on the right or any of my ramblings on Facebook or mixi, you’d see that I ramble pointless quite often, actually… typically throughout the day). But for all intents and purposes, yes, I’ve been missing for awhile. I could check the date of my last post right now, if I wanted to, but I don’t think I really want to know.

So anyway, yeah, “been busy, etc., etc.” and all that. You’ve heard it basically every time, so I won’t bother with it. But I have been busy with interesting things, so that counts, right? Of course it does. And why shouldn’t it? This is my blog, so basically anything and everything will agree with me. The astute observer will also note that Thanksgiving, the end of the Mayan calendar, Christmas, my birthday, and new years have all come and gone. Before I proceed with rambling about what 2012 meant to me and what I plan to do in 2013, let’s dwell a bit on those important things that have passed, shall we?


I ate Turkey!

The End of the World

It didn’t end!


Santa vs. the Easter Bunny

Santa vs. the Easter Bunny

Santa fought the Easter Bunny! (yes, I made this image.. no, you don’t want to know why)

Jason Day


New Year’s Day

I drank apple cider with an ex-coworker/English teacher friend.

OKAY! Now that we got that out of the way, down to the big stuff. Our (and by our, I mean my) annual “year in review”!

So what actually did happen in 2012?

Well, from a “meaningful changes in my life” standpoint, probably not a whole lot. But a lot has changed for me and I did get a lot done. I started taking the kanji kentei  tests to improve my Japanese writing and reading skills and got the level 5 certification (missed level 4 by ten points). That was one of my goals for 2012, so I feel good about that. I wanted to start studying Chinese from last year, but unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards and I wasn’t able to find a suitable teacher/class that matched my schedule. In my work life (which, right now, is a good majority of my life in general), I’ve started making in-roads to actually doing translation to someday transition to a translation career. I’ve wanted to be a translator since university, so this is pretty exciting for me. I also joined my company’s holiday party planning committee to help plan the annual holiday party, which resulted in me wearing an awesome Santa hat and dressing like an iPhone. Who would give up either of those chances? I know I wouldn’t.

At the end of the year, my ex-coworker from my English school days came to Tokyo and stayed over for about 6 days. We went to Yokohama, Odaiba, and saw all the sights that you never really see when you live somewhere alone. Sometimes, playing tour guide helps you learn a lot more about the place where you live than you would normally. After she went back to go teach some English, I went back to the daily grind of studying, because I’m just THAT exciting.

See? Fun!

See? Fun!

Look at all that fun I was having today! I know you’re jealous…

And what does 2013 have to offer?

Well, 2013 has all sorts of things to offer. Infinite chances, when you think about it. The only real limitation on any year is you, and in the choices you make (and don’t make), but now we’re getting philosophical.

Looking forward at 2013, I plan to continue studying kanji for the kanji kentei exam, which I’ll be taking again in June (I’m way too busy right now to be able to take the test in February). I’d also like to, if I have a chance, look into studying Chinese again. I really like my job and company, so I also want to work more on other projects and events within the company. With any luck, I’ll also make more strides towards that translation goal of mine.

I’d also like to write more frequently, ’cause you know.. 2 months is a really long time to not post at least something about what I’ve been up to.

Anyway, now that you’ve got a big wall of text to read through, I should get on my way to get ready for the week. Got work from tomorrow!

Let’s make this an awesome year!

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  • Kat

    Fun : ) Congrats on passing level 5; that’s awesome!! *throws confetti*

    Best wishes for the New Year Jason : )

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