Lemme see.. what did I miss? Happy Fourth of July, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Jason’s Birthday, and Happy New Year! I think that just about covers it, right?

I feel bad for missing so much and for disappearing like this all of a sudden (and for, well, half a year), but for how busy the first half of 2013 was professionally between people leaving and joining our company and very intensive projects, the latter half of 2013 was incredibly busy on the personal front, so updating my blog had to take a back seat. Some of it’s good (finally officially became a translator, dating life is going well, etc.) and some not so good (death in the family.. long story), but all in all, I think we’ll brush that all aside and confront 2014 with a new-found vigor and make this year as awesome as humanly possible. Instead of my usual “look at what happened in the past” that I write about for every new year.. we’ll try something different. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up for 2014!

For the first time in about 3.5 years, I’ll finally be heading back to the US for vacation! As I mentioned (long, long ago) the last time I went back.. it’s kinda bitter-sweet for me. Naturally, I was born and raised in the states, I’m American through-and-through, and I think it’s a great country.. but I can’t shake the feeling that Japan is really where my¬†home is. Vacationing in America and coming home to Japan, you know? It’s been nearly 6 years since I’ve moved to Japan, so all of my “adult” life is here, from my friends that I’ve made after university to my cell phone contracts and even credit cards. It’ll be fun to go shopping in American-sized (huge) stores and be able to understand news and the radio without having to focus. I really should go back and visit more often.

Other things coming up this year? Not a whole lot that I’m aware of, other than the joy of renewing my passport for the very first time, applying for permanent residency here in Japan, and all that kind of stuff. But I have a feeling that this year’s gonna be a good one, so I’m not too worried.

I should make some dinner and get on with my evening, but I think what’s been holding me back from writing was the whole “it’s been too long” thing. Now that we’ve gotten this awkward silence out of the way, I’m hoping to update more frequently.

Happy New Year!

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  • Nastra

    Hi, a nostalgia binge the other day caused me to swing by an old website I used to frequent years ago that you were a part of. Curiosity about what happened to the people who used to run it led me here. These days I’m actually really curious about what life is actually like in Japan and curious about the culture so I thought I’d follow you. I also followed you on Twitter. Anyhoozle, nice site you have here and I hope you update more frequently. Do you take questions? Have a nice day.

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