The Mouse and Me

For anyone who knows me personally, I’m sure you already know about this, but I guess it’s about time that I should mention that I’ll be doing that things adults do and getting married early next year. Shock, gasp, horror.. I know. Hey, it’s a surprise to me too! Well.. no, not really. But let’s try to associate a little bit here.

So in addition to the excitement of having finally passed my first year of being a translator (YAY!) I’ve got a lot of planning to do between now and the end of the year, assuming that my job doesn’t decide to eat my soul in the mean time. If I could ever offer a bit of advice to you, be careful selling your soul to the law industry. They’re fond of souls, and will more than happily take it. Trust me.

No, no. If you’re going to sell your soul to anyone / thing / entity, for the love of all that is holy, sell your soul to Mickey Mouse! Which is what I have somehow done. Because, you see..

I’m getting married at Tokyo Disneyland!

Well, the hotel next to Disneyland, to be more exact. I think it goes without saying that this wasn’t exactly my idea. But, eh, I’m reasonably okay with the idea. More okay than I figured I’d be, at the very least. I believe I had this discussion exactly a year ago, where I said that “there is absolutely no chance I’m gonna get married at Disneyland,” but apparently things didn’t turn out as planned.

No, I'm not wearing either.

No, I’m not wearing either.

I bet you thought I was joking, didn’t you. Nope.. I’m actually totally serious. However, I’m pretty dead-set against the idea of dressing up in the horrible red pants and looking like a prince. Surprisingly, I’m absolutely okay with having Mickey and friends attend The Most Important Day of my Life, but totally not going to dress like a prince. I have standards here somewhere, even if I’m told that they’re misplaced and ill-defined.

The oddest part about the whole process for me, actually, is that not only have I (obviously) never planned a wedding before, I’ve never actually even been to a wedding. Worse yet, I’m living in Japan and doing it at Disneyland, so I have exactly zero familiarity with the entire process. If anyone asks me how “different” it is, I really can’t say. I do credit this with why the sticker shock doesn’t horrify my as much as it should, though. If you don’t know what a wedding should cost, you don’t know how much Mickey is over-charging you. Pretty good in the end, huh??

I’d like to harass you with more photos of how Disney-fied one can get, but I’m afraid I need to be in the office early tomorrow morning. However, I do have a whole booklet of cakes, decorations, and napkins (yes, napkins) on my coffee table, so I’ll be sure to take some photos!

And remember: no matter what you do, don’t wear the tacky red pants.

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  • kat

    Congratulations!!! wishing you two the best!( i think it’d be fun to dress up in the outfits too lol) . also never been to a wedding but may be going to my friend’s wedding in China later this yr so that should be interesting : )

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