And Yuki replies!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, please check out my previous post, Would you like some spam?, for more details.

Anyway, I got another e-mail from our favorite non-existent spam artist (see what I did there? Hilarious, I know).

I tried to e-mail my friend again today, but I still can’t get in touch. I don’t even know Nobu’s address. Also, even though I just bought this phone, it seems to be acting up. Just my luck..

However,  I’m really happy to get to know you like this, so I think we can be good friends!

If it’s all right with you, I have a little profile I put together and just updated the photo yesterday. I’d like you to take a look at it.

Also, it’s really embarrassing, but I really want you to see the text on the TOP page. I wonder if you’ll notice what I wrote…?

The address is free–, so please put http:// in front of it and enter it directly into your phone. Ah! I think it’s a cell-phone-only site, so you can only check it out on your phone.

I’m a little nervous since I’m not so cute, but I’ll be waiting for your reply! ^_^

Hmm.. any of that sound familiar? Like, remarkably similar to my predictions? Before we continue with the (pointless) deconstruction, some info for ya:

Why is it cell phone only? Well, as I said earlier, they want to get your money. If I can access it via PC, they need my credit card number. Most people (hopefully) hesitate to give out their credit card. On a cell phone, all I have to do is enter my 4 digit number into a box to authorize them to direct-charge to my phone bill.

What’s with the weird address? Which part? The http being separate is because most cell phone carriers (mine included) caught on to these things, and give me (the user) the ability to block all e-mails with URLs in them (how often do your friends e-mail you a website?). So they need to separate it.

I can’t see the site! ..not a question. But I’ll let it slide. The notice tells you that you can only access that page from a cell phone (it’s probably limited to Japanese phones, at that).

What happens if you follow up? Now that’s a question. Well, if you’re curious what more our fictional Yuki has in store, read on!

Considering I am curious to a nearly unhealthy extent (there’s a phrase, curiosity killed the cat, that you may know. It’s true), I kept looking into this to see just what they intended to do. Let’s look at Yuki’s site, shall we?

Isn't she pretty?

Yuki's Site

So here we can see all of Yuki’s site (by the way, you can use a browser to impersonate a cell phone, which is how I got these pictures). Not cute, she says? Sounds like she needs someone to build up her self-esteem. Like, say, me! I understand most of you can’t read Japanese, so let me help: Name, Yukina. Sex, girl. Age, 23. Location, Secret~ (can’t keep my hopes up for meeting if you commit to a location, right?).

In the heart it says “Register”, and “If you join the website, you can see all of Yuki’s page!”. Then we’ve got a profile, album, blog, and BBS. If you scroll down (ha! You can’t, because the picture is located here), you’ll see her message. It basically talks about how happy she is to have made a new friend recently, and that they met by chance. She wants to meet her new friend (me????) someday. Also, strangely enough, her phone is acting up, so she can’t receive e-mail. Instead, you should e-mail her through the site.

Now, for the stupid men out there, they have a girl who wants to meet them, isn’t too bad looking, and can’t receive your e-mails. Oh. My. God! What should you do? Register, of course.

Of course, some people may still find this fishy and want to know a little bit more about our little Yuki here before going all crazy and signing up for stuff. Such thoughtful people might want to look at her albums. Let’s do that, shall we?

Yuki's Profile

Yuki's Profile

Name: Yukina
Nickname: People call me Yukki-na
Age: I’ve hit 23…
Birthday: December 27th!
Unique point: Cosplay!
Height: 155cm (5’2″)
Weight: Shhheecret! lol
Bust: C cup
Job: Teleop [Telephone Operator?].. it’s really busy!
Hobby: Shopping, Othello (I’m really good!), AKB [a Japanese idol group].
A word: I probably know all of you who’ve joined this site, but I’m Yukki-na!
I’m really busy everyday, but I’m working hard to make the most of every day. I hope we get along!
Yuki's Album

Yuki's Album

Her ‘site’ plays out like a check list of fetishes. It’s kinda creepy. The most interesting thing is her album, which is basically a venus fly trap of death for lonely men. It says at the top that only members can see her whole profile. What kinds of stuff awaits us? First two are photos from “Before work” and “curled hair”. 3-6? “Bath and other stuff”, “With friends from work”, “My first swim suit”, and “First yukata of the year”.

So basically, what we’re telling you is that if you want to see her in a bathing suit, you really should register. Unfortunately, none of the locked pages even exist. They all (including the ‘first’ and ‘previous’ links) lead to a fake error page. These files have never existed.

“Aww, how bad can it be,” you wonder. Are you that desperate? A terse “Yes!” is all that I can probably expect in response. Okay, so I did more research on what registering will do to you.

If you register, it’ll take you to an e-mail form. They tell you to unblock the website 797955[censored] so you can receive e-mail. Changing websites is always bad. Even worse when the website’s address is only a number. Checking the website, it’s apparently a “Friend-Finding Service“, called Love Campus. For adults. Yeeeeah. A quick Google search shows a guy who was taken for $3,ooo before they finally cancelled his account, after many calls. I tried to register with a fake PC address of mine, but it looks like they won’t let me. Sorry!

I do have some info on the site, though, so if anyone’s interested, I’ll do a write up on how the money-making scheme works, and what they hope to do. Let me know!

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