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Thanks for stopping by! Now, what did you stop by at, exactly? Well, this is my blog, of sorts, on my life here in Japan. Let’s see, then, if we can answer some of the pressing questions.

What’s this all about?

When I moved to Japan in June 2008, though there was a lot of information online, there really wasn’t one place to find answers to my questions about moving to and living in Japan. Where do you find a job? What should you bring? How do I send my stuff? How much does it really cost to live? Stuff like that. My goal is to help others making that transition with information and experience, and to share some details of what life is like here on the ground in Japan. Books are nice, but anecdotes are better.

Who am I?

I’m Jason, of course! I graduated in May of 2008 (majoring in Japanese History) and moved to Japan 2 weeks later in June to start my life as an English teacher in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. I worked as an ALT/AET in a high school (not JET), taught at companies, and taught kids from 3 years old to adults in their 80s. It was a tough job, but a lot of fun. After doing that for 3 years, like all young wannabe movie stars, I moved to Tokyo in 2011 to chase my dreams to be a Japanese translator, and have been doing that ever since!


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to be a Japanese translator. Though I studied in university for 4 years, it still didn’t fee like enough for me. I figured the best way to really improve my abilities would be to move to Japan (and to a city where few speak English) and try to live here. It’s been a bit challenging, but a great experience!

If there’s anything you’d like to know, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment!

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