Jason – Smarter than a Sixth Grader

I’ve got good news for you all: I am now certifiably smarter than a sixth grader. So take that, all you uppity sixth graders! Ha!

I mean, I suppose that may seem evident, considering I’m a university graduate and several times over older than such children, but what I’m actually referring to is the Japanese test I mentioned I was taking a month or so back, the Kanken. Basically, it’s a test of Japanese kanji writing and reading ability for Japanese students and adults. In case you don’t know (and I suppose a lot of people who live outside of Japan don’t and would . . . → Read More: Jason – Smarter than a Sixth Grader

From Kyoto to Tokyo!

How was Kyoto? Well, despite swearing to all that is holy that I would never return to that city so long as I breathe, I had a good time! It’s nothing personal, you see. It just takes very little for me to swear to never do something ever again.

So anyway, yep, had a good time! We only had about 9 hours, so we just went to a few temples that look kinda like this:

Tenryuji Temple

And shrines that looked like this:

Kurumazaki Shrine

And heard important explanations that I obviously wasn’t paying attention to from . . . → Read More: From Kyoto to Tokyo!

Simple update

Yep, in Kyoto. Will post later!

Trains, Planes, and… Trains

On the bullet train now, heading toward Kyoto. Why? Because I can! Well, that and I’m off to go meet an ex-student of mine. Through the wonders of Facebook and mixi (a Japanese networking site, akin to Facebook, that is populated by mostly crazy people. Considering my love for crazy people, I’ve naturally been a member for 6 years), it’s relatively easy to keep in touch with a great many people no matter where you happen to end up in the world. While I taught a wide range of students (3 years old to 82), most of the students . . . → Read More: Trains, Planes, and… Trains

Are you smarter than a sixth grader?

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it much in the past, but ever since coming to Japan, I’ve been taking the JLPT, which is the government-sponsored Japanese Language Proficiency Test at every chance. It’s offered twice a year and has five levels, 5 being to lowest and 1 being the highest  (don’t ask; that’s how most Japanese tests work). It tests grammar, vocabulary, listening, and kanji ability. There are no speaking or writing components, so that makes it a little easier, but it’s also a ~3 hour endeavor, so.. yeah. I’m sure you can imagine how much fun that . . . → Read More: Are you smarter than a sixth grader?

You’ve all heard it before

Busy, tired, no time.. yeah, you know the drill. I’ll write something of substance soon (yesterday, 6/2, marks my fourth year anniversary in Japan. That deserves something of note).. but in the mean time, I leave you with a brief summary of my recent life. IN PHOTOS!

Nope.. I've got no shame

I don’t believe in necessarily putting things in order (I’m a “best foot forward” kinda guy, regardless of in which order that foot happened to come), so we’ll start with today. I went with one of my ex-HS students to her university and got the full . . . → Read More: You’ve all heard it before

An end to the magic

Well, the Gilded Week has now come to an end, and we get to all go back to our normal lives bright and early tomorrow morning. We also had Cinco de Mayo thrown in for good measure, which reminded me that I really need to make Mexican food again sometime soon (like the awesome party I threw last year with some of my coworkers at the time.. need to find people in the area who have also love tacos.)

So, how’d it go? Well, as I’m pretty sure you all already know, I’m just not terribly exciting. Especially when . . . → Read More: An end to the magic

(A few days shy of a) Golden Week!

I’d say something about being “really busy lately”, but I’m pretty sure that it’s become a nearly constant refrain in my e-mails and phone calls (as well as here). It’s not really worth mentioning anymore, is it? My schedule seems to be clearing up for the near future, anyway, so it’s not so bad. In fact, next week is the not-quite-a-week-long-holiday called “Golden Week”!

What is Golden Week, you so rightly ask? That is a wonderful question! It’s basically a series of holidays at the end of April and beginning of May that happen to line up so well . . . → Read More: (A few days shy of a) Golden Week!

Let the 13th day be a Fri…

When your name is Jason, this is going to be a near constant refrain throughout your life. Everyone thinks they’re the first person to notice, and they’re sure to remind you of the hilarity that your name is Jason and that it’s Friday… the thirteenth. Get it???

Oh, it never stops being hilarious. Trust me.

Anyway, haven’t written much lately since I’ve been busy with work. Like.. Really busy. In my free time, I’ve started a translation project, which I’ll talk about soon (once it officially gets off the ground). Right now.. I’ve gotta run . . . → Read More: Let the 13th day be a Fri…

Stupid Ghost Cat…

Because, for some strange reason, I hear a cat outside my apartment at night.. Even though I live on the third floor and we have a locked security door downstairs. Obviously, it’s a ghost cat. What else could it be?

I should go to bed (gotta wake up in 6 hours), but I’ll leave you with the Japanese version as well. Night!