Summer Vacation, Ghosts, and Taxes

Spent the weekend feeling under the weather, but fortunately I’ve managed to make a full recovery after 2 days of eating soup and rolling around my apartment floor while watching travel shows about the best food across the US.

Actually, scratch that. Watching TV shows about people eating large volumes of food probably¬†wasn’t a good idea. But hey, since when have I been known for good ideas?? I do stuff and then let the good and bad sort themselves out after the fact. Let’s not dwell on that! At least you can have some exciting stories in the end, . . . → Read More: Summer Vacation, Ghosts, and Taxes

Simple update

Yep, in Kyoto. Will post later!

Trains, Planes, and… Trains

On the bullet train now, heading toward Kyoto. Why? Because I can! Well, that and I’m off to go meet an ex-student of mine. Through the wonders of Facebook and mixi (a Japanese networking site, akin to Facebook, that is populated by mostly crazy people. Considering my love for crazy people, I’ve naturally been a member for 6 years), it’s relatively easy to keep in touch with a great many people no matter where you happen to end up in the world. While I taught a wide range of students (3 years old to 82), most of the students . . . → Read More: Trains, Planes, and… Trains

Let the 13th day be a Fri…

When your name is Jason, this is going to be a near constant refrain throughout your life. Everyone thinks they’re the first person to notice, and they’re sure to remind you of the hilarity that your name is Jason and that it’s Friday… the thirteenth. Get it???

Oh, it never stops being hilarious. Trust me.

Anyway, haven’t written much lately since I’ve been busy with work. Like.. Really busy. In my free time, I’ve started a translation project, which I’ll talk about soon (once it officially gets off the ground). Right now.. I’ve gotta run . . . → Read More: Let the 13th day be a Fri…