Trains, Planes, and… Trains

On the bullet train now, heading toward Kyoto. Why? Because I can! Well, that and I’m off to go meet an ex-student of mine. Through the wonders of Facebook and mixi (a Japanese networking site, akin to Facebook, that is populated by mostly crazy people. Considering my love for crazy people, I’ve naturally been a member for 6 years), it’s relatively easy to keep in touch with a great many people no matter where you happen to end up in the world. While I taught a wide range of students (3 years old to 82), most of the students . . . → Read More: Trains, Planes, and… Trains

On the road home

Don’t have a lot to say that I didn’t say last night, so just wanted to throw another picture your way as I head home. I’ll post tonight or tomorrow with some actual photos of Disney Sea!


Onward to Tokyo

All right, woke up at 5am, left my house at 6, and now I’m on the bullet train to Tokyo. After arriving in Tokyo, I’m immediately going to hop on a local train, drop my bag off in a locker at Disneyland, and head to Tokyo Disney Sea (a part of the Disney Resort here in Japan; think California Adventure, mixed with Sea World). I’ve never been there before, so it should be interesting.

One odd thing I notice is that while I generally avoid traveling at much at humanly possible, it’s not that I dislike it or anything. . . . → Read More: Onward to Tokyo